Posted: May 26th 2015

Shifting Gears - Toward 2020

May 2015 marks a decade since we incorporated Mobikyo with a total of 14 years dedicated to Tokyo's mobile and start-up scene. Wireless Watch has documented the ®evolution and we have built an extensive network both in Japan and overseas via the MobileMonday platform while our core Mobile Intelligence research and tours business continues at a strong pace.

It's been a super ride, and efforts beyond measure, to settle into a comfy space in terms of market expertise and deal flow; logic would suggest we simply maintain a tight, steady course based on a well-earned foundation. However a safe path is not how we got here in the first place and it's definitely not the only way forward. Naturally current activities and projects remain top priority, but it's time to explore at the edge again, building on merit, passion and skills - earned, owned and paid.

Meaning of Life is a Life with Meaning!

No doubt we are headed into a major shift, in both digital and physical markets, our new platform is coming together here. For those keen to follow the next iteration - we are working on this project: Smile.Ventures (more important than money).

Mobile is Dead.. Long Live Mobile!*

It was clear to us here long ago, and now worldwide, always-on connectivity enables major benefits and serious disruption. Japan continues to excel in many areas, from NFC and global market share in the component space to top-ranked app store revenues. With critical patents and proven R&D capacity, the island nation's leadership position is firmly established.

The industry has matured, as an essential utility, and we expect converged relevance ahead. Connection speeds will get faster, with higher data volumes on lower costs, and hardware designs will improve in both display and input methods. The current platforms and technologies will evolve, or die, driven in no small part by an increasingly competitive content and service environment. Now the fun starts: consider end-user privacy and the emergence of a massive network of connected devices. Mobility, with mega data mining, will exponentially impact everything from banking, education and health to media, retail and transport. To be sure, we fully expect the unexpected - imagine another 15 years. So, Long Live the King!*

Forecast Remains the Same.. But Different

Meanwhile, we see additional interesting verticals - robotics and the seniors market, for example - where Japan is once again comfortably ahead of the curve. Other important areas such as energy and smart cities are also universal challenges that will expand over the foreseeable future. We have noted serious buzz around the new generation of startups here, the post 3.11 earthquake rebuilding of Tohoku and countdown for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. It's a fair bet there will be increased interest from around the world to understand, and experience, the 'real' Japan. In fact, it's already happening.

Mobikyo was built on media (unique information) with events (personal contacts) and consulting (combined value), focused on mobile in Tokyo. These three continuing areas can, and will, become more targeted and efficient in design and delivery. The key proposition will remain independent real-time access to specific market intelligence and trusted players, both of which are equally difficult to discover and desirable to know. And while methods may well vary, that same approach can be applied to the areas of future growth mentioned above. We genuinely look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead.

Here Comes the Sun.. It's Alright!

Mark the beginning of the new phase for us here, our next steps will become increasingly clear and you can expect I'll be actively messaging my contacts. Also, noted 'special' travel plans: Bali in June will be Epic (priority access code: mobikyo).

Otherwise, as always, really looking forward to Your Feedback and would love to meet-up in San Fransokyo.. Anytime

Lars Cosh-Ishii, Representative Director, Mobikyo K.K.

モビキョー株式会社 代表取締役 ローレンス コッシュイシイ

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Based in Japan since 2001, I've earned a Ph.D from MiT = Mobile in Tokyo!

Often interviewed by Intl. media, a valued contact point for in-bound visitors, fixer for executive tours, producer of custom research reports and energetic speaker at global conferences. On a personal level; I'm Canadian born with a background in broadcast media, at ease behind the camera and on-stage.

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